Photo gallery: The Fine Print presents INTERMEDIA

Photos by Gabrielle Calise

The Fine Print hosted Intermedia on Saturday, January 9 at Gallery Protocol’s Super Fun to raise funds for upcoming magazine issues.

With soft twinkling lights strung up around the gallery and a bonfire crackling outside, three local groups performed as guests ambled around to view the art lining the walls.

The Foxwood kicked the night off. The duo featured members of Gainesville’s own Telomeres, with Jared McInture providing guitar and vocals and Zach Totta tying it all together on drums.

IMG_6103IMG_6135 (1)

IMG_6128IMG_6159 (1)IMG_6144 (1)

Boyfriend Material followed with a simple and sweet acoustic set. Coconut Creek native Shauna Healey started the project as a solo endeavor, but performed live on Saturday with another member for the first time.

IMG_6248 (1)

Jordan Burchel and Sam Moss capped off the evening with a romantic acoustic duet anchored by gorgeous vocal harmonies.



IMG_6272 (1)

In between sets, event-goers had a chance to view the work of local artists. The pop-up space boasted a range of art, from film photography and graphic design prints that lined the walls to tables featuring of stacks of sketchbooks and a vial of pubic hair.




That’s it for this week’s Swamp Sounds! As always, I’m open to comments, questions, concerns and suggestions for content. Feel free to shoot me an email at or tweet at me.

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